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Herefordshire Hoard

Welcome to the home of 'Bring the Hoard home to Herefordshire'

Although donations for the acquisition of the Hoard are now closed, if you are keen to help us with work on conservation, research and display materials, and access to see the objects,

  • we can accept cheques payable HMSSG who partnered with the Museum Service on the acquisition campaign. Please send cheques to HMSSG addressed to MRLC, 58 Friar Street, hereford HR4 0AS
  • or make electronic transfers to HMSSG, sort code 309089, account number 32122868.
  • If cash works best for you please donate at the Black and White House Museum or the Library in Broad Street and ask staff to ensure your envelope has 'Hoard support' written on the front. 


Thank you to everyone who supported and donated to our campaign to bring the Hoard home to Herefordshire. We’re delighted to announce we’ve made it.

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HMSSG - JAne and Denise celebrating in the woolhope room in Hereford Museum building

Cllr Gemma Davies and Viking renenactors

The campaign to acquire, display and care for the objects found locally in 2015.

While hoard finds are not that unusual, with the Herefordshire Hoard not only the story of their rediscovery, but the objects themselves are intriguing.

Ring on display at MLRC

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Due to the sell out talk on July 21 there is another opportunity to see - 

Treasure Tales and Hidden Hoards by Peter Reavill

Read more details on the rediscovery and the objects on our 'Story' Page

Thanks to all those people who have attended our events, donated their small (and not so small!) change and shown their support to 'Bring the hoard home to Herefordshire'. Read about what great events have taken place already.

All your donations large and small, and particularly those that can boost our coffers with Gift Aid are key to meeting the target.

We will keep you updated with our successes in raising funds from large grant bodies.

In the meantime do try and get along to the Museum Resource and Learning centre on Friar Street in Hereford to see some of the objects in their temporary lodgings and look at the timetable for our community events. All drop in events free and all welcome. 

We have been very fortunate to secure 3 speakers to talk about different aspects of the hoard - it's finding, the significance of the objects and why such finds feed into our historical story and it's continuation. Find details and costs on our latest news page.

 Come on Herefordshire we can do this...Let's help history happen in Herefordshire.

Every £1 matters, please donate if you can.


Messages of Support

Sir Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

"I’ve always been fascinated by Alfred the Great and his battles alongside his Mercian allies against the great Viking Army. The Herefordshire Hoard gives us a fantastic insight into this world and even gives us solid evidence about a previously unrecognised alliance between Alfred and the King of Mercia. It’s a hoard of national importance and should certainly have pride of place in Hereford Museum."

Dr. Gareth Williams of the British Museum

Dr Gareth Williams, curator of early medieval coins and Viking collections, British Museum

“This is a hoard of enormous historical significance both for Herefordshire and for the nation as a whole. The Hoard raises many questions for our understanding of the period and those questions can only be answered in full if the Hoard is secured for posterity in a museum collection. Given the find spot of the Hoard, Herefordshire Museum is the obvious home for this important discovery”.

Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire 

Edward Harley Lord Lieutenant, OBE

"I am delighted to offer support to this very significant campaign to bring the Herefordshire Hoard back to the county of Herefordshire.

The hoard is the single most important archaeological find from the county in half a century, and is of national significance, rewriting our understanding of history at a time when the English nation was forming from a number of separate kingdoms into a unified country.

The beauty and rarity of the objects alone are culturally valuable, and the hoard tells us so much about society and polities during the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period. The fundraising campaign to acquire this treasure, to give the people of the county and the whole country the chance to see it publicly displayed in our beautiful city of Hereford, is an aspiration I whole heartedly support."

Edward Harley, OBE. Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire