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Bringing the Hoard home

Thank you to everyone who supported and donated to our campaign to bring the Hoard home to Herefordshire. We’re delighted to announce we’ve made it.

Cllr Gemma Davies and of the Black Crows reenactment group outside Hereford Museum

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Items of the hoard in a display cabinet at MRLC 

Items from the Viking treasure have been brought from the British Museum to be displayed at the Hereford Museum Resource and Learning Centre (MRLC) where viewing is possible.

How can you help?

Hereford Museum has until the end of July to raise the funds to acquire it.  

If this can’t be done, the hoard may be bought by private collectors and be lost to the public. It may even go abroad!

We’re doing all we can to make sure the hoard comes home to Herefordshire.

All public donations will be added to funds we raise from professional bodies in grants and donations.

Raise money

Are you are a business, a community group or school within the county? If so, you could run a fundraising event to raise money to bring the hoard home to Herefordshire.

We can provide:

  • Business toolkit 
  • Community group toolkit 
  • School toolkit

Or, you might like to carry out your own individual fundraising project

  • Fundraising toolkit


Want to get involved? You could volunteer to help at events being planned to promote the hoard. The events will explain just how important it is.

The events include:

  • Open days at Hereford’s Museum Resource and Learning Centre to view the hoard
  • Hoard events being held around the county
  • Hoard events at festivals held within Herefordshire


Show your support

Come along to one of the events and see the hoard itself when it comes to Herefordshire.

Join Hereford Museum Service Support Group to help bring the hoard home to Herefordshire.

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